Posted by: Vinod Varma | January 19, 2010

Did you know?

Pandit Karuppan was a poet, dramatist and social reformer. He was well known crusader against untouchability and social evils.

The most significant period of his education was at Kodungalloor Kovilakam. Kodungalloor Kovilakam was almost like a Sanskrit University, with great scholars and poets like Kunhikkuttan Thampuran, Mahopadhyaya Godavarma Bhattan Thampuran, ‘Sasthravisharadan’ Valiya Kochunni Thampuran and ‘Kavisaarvabhouman’ Cheriya Kochunni Thampuran.

Pandit Karuppan was from a lower middle class family in Dheevara community of Hindu fishermen. Though palace was out-of-bounds for lower caste Hindus, Kunhikkuttan Thampuran kept a soft corner for Karuppan and affectionately encouraged him to sit near him. He studied Sanskrit under those Thampurans, and that helped him to get moulded into a poet of standing. He studied ‘Manushyalaya Mahachandrika’ (on house building architecture) and ‘Ashtanga Hridayam’(on Ayurveda) also from the Royal Gurus.

Ref. Wikipedia

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